• Unparalleled Monetization
  • Zero Effort From Publishers
  • Digital Publishing++

Encash your Mediakit

Transform print ads to interactive ads

Let your ads interact with readers and leave a bigger impact than a static ad

Responsive Design

Content curated and delivered to all devices and platforms

Say good bye to your compatibility headaches

TechnoCreative Studio Solution

Rise above the creative commons
The only company with the fusion of technology product with creative services

Interactive Slide Shows

Our creative studio keeps enhancing the galley interface to suit your design and style guide.

Cloud sync for blazing downloads.

Our cloud network ensures the quickest download time enhancing the reader experience.

Hyperlinks Activated

Third party hyperlinks activated in the magazine.

Video animation / Cover

Make your videos stream, download, play within a frame or full screen and make your cover come alive by our studio services.

Interactive Layers

Create new levels of Interactive experience by adding layers of interactive features in parallax.

Dual Orientation Support

View your digital offering in both orientation modes - portrait and landscape.

Still Style Agnostic - Responsify it

Don't let your time and resources constraint hamper the digital experience of your readers.

Picsean curates content specifically for every device and platform, adding new possibilities and channels of monetization.

Zero Effort

Publishing is now easy with no technology or creative redesign hassles. We manage App submission, App updates and add interactive features for your magazine. Just upload your print files and Picsean will bring your content to life.

Re-innovate - The advertising world is never static

Interactive Ads

By augmenting your existing print Ads to Rich, Interactive ones, we open up new avenues for you. Digital advertising is all about engaging readers and ensuring campaign scale and efficiency.

Amplify your Interactive Experience

The secret to future is to disrupt the trend. Picsean lets you be ahead in the game with innovative features of "Augmented Reality" and "Accelerometer" in your Magazine.

The Concept of the Moment - Impulsive Buying

In the new digital age where access is everything. Excite the readers imagination by previewing the actual interactive magazine. Seeing is believing - for those who want to see it, show it. Let your readers experience the interactive magazine via the new preview mode.

Don't recollect the article you read last time? Search it!.
Select text and explore it on Google, Wikipedia or You tube.
Empower your readers to share and increase your readership
Let your print readers sign in with their subscription number

Imagine what would happen if your digital magazine looked like this.

We are certain something incredible would happen. Attract more readers and more sales through Interactive Digital Publishing. Just think of how awesome it would be!

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